How to accelerate your progress and success

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”
— Mary Oliver

The other day...

A text message popped up on my phone. 

It was a picture of a Power Circle from Richard, a business owner and a client I’ve been working with for years. He updated his Power Circle because it’s time for his company to take another big step forward and we’re working together on the plan for the next phase of growth.

What's a Power Circle?

The Power Circle is a tool I’ve been using for a really long time in both my career and personal life. I’ve also helped my clients integrate the Power Circle into their companies and lives. I think you’ll also find it really helpful to use.

The Power Circle helps you create consistent and positive growth in all the areas of your life. It sets you up to make continual progress month after month and year after year. 

Here’s what your Power Circle looks like:


Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 9.03.29 PM

The Power Circle includes all 8 aspects of your life. Each aspect in your Power Circle needs your care, intention and attention. A common trap that is easy to fall into is to devote the majority of your energy to only one or a couple key areas, like work or family. However, all eight areas work together and need to be focused on.

The 8 Aspects of your life and Power Circle include: 

  1. Enjoying life – “You” time  
  2. Family & Friendships 
  3. Spirituality (or, whatever works for you)
  4. Significant Other (your relationship – if you have one or if you want one) 
  5. Your Big Goals (Life Dreams) 
  6. Health and Wellness
  7. Work (career) 
  8. Finances

How does the Power Circle work?

It’s similar to how the four wheels of a car work together: when all your tires are in their best condition, balanced with the ideal air pressure, you make the most progress, your drive is smoother and more enjoyable. However, if you have one tire with a leak, it slows you down and can even cause you to veer off course (not to mention that the ride becomes very bumpy).

Every month, you’ll want to sit down to review your Power Circle and consider what needs to be done. Generally, there are areas in your life that are humming along while others may be in need of some attention or adjustments.

There are several good practices and specific steps to take when it comes to aligning and balancing your Power Circle. I’ll be doing an upcoming podcast so we can dive into the Power Circle much deeper.

But, for today, take 10 minutes to reflect on your Power Circle and what feels right for the 8 aspects of your life. You’ll see how helpful it is to go through this exercise and fill out your Power Circle. I’ve included the specific steps below.

The Practice of the Day

1. Take 10 minutes and complete your Power Circle. Review each of the 8 areas of your life and think about what feels right for each area. What do you want? What would be ideal? Here are the 8 areas: (1) Enjoying life – “You” time (2) Family & Friendships (3) Spirituality (or whatever works for you) (4) Significant Other (your relationship – if you have one or if you want one) (5) Your Big Goals (Life Dreams) (6) Health and Wellness (7) Work (career) (8) Finances.

2. Boost of Gratitude. As you’re going through your Power Circle and you’re thinking about what you want for the future, reflect on all that you already have today that you’re grateful for. Even though the Power Circle helps you continually grow and make progress, it’s important to not overlook everything that’s already working in your life.

3. Growth Plan. Choose one aspect of your life that you want to focus in on and make significant progress with this month. What are some specific steps you can take this month? Write down everything you can think of and put together your action plan for the month. 

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