How to Take the Right Chances and Go for it

“The Universe is always speaking to us…sending us messages, serendipities, reminding us to look around, believe in something else, something more.”
— Nancy Thayer

You know those times when you get a sign. 

As soon as you see it, you have an important realization about your life. You tune into a message you’re meant to understand. 

If you’ve been around here at the Possibility of Today, you’ve probably heard me talk about the sign that led me to quitting my job as an attorney and taking a leap of faith to create the life and career I really wanted.

It was one of the scariest and best decisions I ever made. 

But, deep down I knew it was the right thing to do. I was following my truth and that was better than pretending the status quo was okay just to play it safe.

Go on...

After that experience, I also realized two important things:

(1) When there is something we feel in our heart we’re meant to do, and we’ve done a gut check to make sure it’s also aligned with our purpose, our truth, and our values…we’ve got to go for it.

(2) We’re meant to continually build up our courage and strengthen our faith so we can take the chances that are right for us. 

It’s how we live fully, meaningfully, and grow in all the ways we’re meant to.

And, here's the deal...

Today, there are chances you’re meant to take, experiences you’re meant to have, and ideas you’re meant to bring to life.

But, in order to pursue many of these opportunities means you’re probably going to be a little bit out of your comfort zone. You might even have some doubts and fears that come up when it’s time to take certain steps forward. 

That’s not only okay, it’s to be expected. 

Because when we’re following our truth and taking the right chances, it’s common to have doubts and fears. It’s also common to be out of your comfort zone.

In many ways, it’s kind of the point because ultimately we’re meant to chip away at that discomfort. Each doubt and fear we overcome is another stepping stone that builds our confidence and helps us understand on an even deeper level more about who we really are and what’s truly possible.

And, when you follow your truth and take important steps forward, your whole world opens up. You’re in the flow. More and more things shift and fall into place because you’re living life fully the way it was meant to be lived.

For many of us, the courage to take chances and some of these steps forward doesn’t always come easily or automatically. It’s something we’re meant to practice, strengthen and get better and better at doing. 

Here are 3 practices to integrate into your days to continually take courageous steps forward and follow your truth.

The Practice of the Day

(1) Daily Alignment Check-Ins: Make it a part of your routine to tune in and ask yourself questions anytime you’re making a decision or figuring out your best next step forward. What feels right deep down? Is it aligned with your purpose, your path and your truth? The key is to quiet the doubts, fears or any overthinking that gets in the way. You may also notice signs start appearing in your day when you need to make some big decisions. Pay attention. You’re not just seeing things.You’re getting pointers that are meant to help you tune in, find your answer and move in the right direction.

(2) Reflect on Your Courageous Moment of the Day. This is a practice to incorporate into every morning. Take a couple of minutes to think about the day before and one moment when you were courageous. Maybe you spoke your truth or showed your vulnerability. Maybe you took a chance that you could feel deep down was right for you. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back and give yourself credit. It’s important to be aware and acknowledge those times when you were courageous and following your truth. You’ll notice how this positive reinforcement helps you keep making courageous decisions and following your truth.

(3) Staying Grounded During the Day. Take at least five minutes throughout the day (morning, noon, and evening) to unplug, quiet your thoughts and settle into the present moment. Read pages from one of your favorite spiritual books, listen to silence, go on a short meditative walk, or do anything else that helps you get centered. When we stay grounded as much as possible during the day, it makes it much easier to stay aligned and follow your truth.

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