5 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day

No matter what is going on in your life today, remember it’s only preparation. Situations rise and fall. It’s all preparation for better things.
— Iyanla Vanzant

A couple of days ago...

I was talking with my friend about this crazy year. At times, it has just been so challenging to dig deep and keep moving forward day after day.

She described it perfectly, “It feels like you’re swimming against the current and it’s one of the LONGEST swims ever.” I agreed. That is exactly how it feels.

Is it the same way for you too? If it is, know that you’re not alone. Even if it does feel like we’re swimming against the current…the good news is that we are swimming! And, like that quote by Iyanla Vanzant reminds us, “No matter what is going on in your life today, remember it’s only preparation for something better.”

There is a way though we can go about things to make life a bit easier.

When we can stay grounded in each moment and set in motion the right thoughts and actions…everything improves.

How do we do it?

One really important thing to do is strengthen our ability to stay grounded in each moment and access our best state of mind. That’s when your wisdom, inspiration, and confidence flow into everything you do. You make more progress. You have more clarity. You feel better and at peace. 

“To experience peace doesn’t mean that your life is always blissful. It means you are capable of tapping into a blissful state of mind amidst the normal chaos of life.” 

-Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Ask Questions

Powerful questions focus us in on the right thoughts and realizations. They also help us stay grounded in the moment and gain perspective.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself anytime you want to unwind, recharge and keep moving forward. 

The Practice of the Day

5 Questions to Unwind, Recharge and Keep Moving Forward

(The questions are in a specific order to help you relax, and focus in on the right thoughts. Take a couple minutes and ask yourself each one. Since one of the goals is also to relax, unwind and settle into the present moment, you’ll want to take one, long deep breath in between each question).

(1) What is one thing that makes you smile or laugh? 
(2) What are the three most positive things that happened to you recently?
(3) What is one great thing about you?
(4) What are you looking forward to?

(5) What’s going right in your life today?

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