One Simple but Powerful Reminder for Today

“Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming.”
— Mandy Hale

You know those times...

when you keep getting the same message over and over again?

Maybe you’re reading a book or scrolling through Instagram and a post or certain words grab your attention. Or, you’re talking to someone and they say the exact words you needed to hear.

Well, that’s been happening to me for the last couple of weeks and there has been a consistent message coming up.

My guess is that if you’ve read this far, it might also be a good message for you too so that’s why I’m passing it along. We’re on this journey together.

Here's the message...

“In the entire history of humanity, from our distant past to our distant future, there has never been—and there will never be— another you.” – Lara Day

Yes, you may be saying to yourself. That’s obvious.

That’s what I was thinking too when I saw that quote. I didn’t think much more about it and went on with my day, but then this same message kept coming up over and over again so I paid closer attention and started unpacking it a bit more.

Essentially, it’s reminding us that:

You’re the only you. No one else has had the exact same experiences you’ve had and there isn’t anyone who has gained the specific wisdom you have today from those experiences.

No one will ever have the same stories to tell, talents, ambitions, and intuition. Yes, you may have things in common with other people, but there’s a distinct reason why you are YOU.

There’s only one person who has seen the world through your eyes. Your  perspective, wisdom, and experience impacts and shapes everything you do in your unique way.

And, most importantly, there are specific ideas you’re meant to bring into the world. The special talents, gifts, dreams and anything you feel deep down today you’re meant to do…you’re the only one that can bring them forward with your special touch.

So, it raises an important question

What happens if we don’t bring our unique ideas or talents into the world? What if we don’t follow our intuition and use our days to do what we know deep down we’re meant to do?

No one else ever will. Our unique ideas, contributions, and actions will never show up in our lives or in the world.

That’s a pretty big deal…

And, that’s the reminder I’ve been getting over and over again. It finally settled into my mind and my heart the other day, which is why I thought I would lift it up to you today.

Because there’s been so much going on in the country, the world, and many of us have also had a lot going on personally in our lives.

It’s easy to feel tired and lose sight of one of the most important truths that inspires us to keep going…

Every step forward you take,

every time you follow your intuition, every time you manage through a challenging time, every time you help the people around you, every time you go after what feels important to you deep down… you’re doing something special.

You’re doing something only you can do and bringing into the world those positive actions that only you can through your unique perspective. The world needs us to keep doing that. The great things you’re doing (big and small) benefits us all.

Not only will it pay off for you personally, but collectively it’s helping us all move forward together. Our collective positive actions add up.

So, I just wanted to pass that along and say thank you. Because it’s good to pause every once in awhile, acknowledge all of our hard work, what we’ve been through, how we’ve been strengthened, and thank each other.

THANK YOU for rising to the challenge.

Here’s our practice for the day…

The Practice of the Day

(If you’re new to the Possibility of Today, each month we focus in on one new practice and we also integrate specific practices into our days that help us stay grounded and take advantage of the day in front of us.)

One Simple, but Powerful Reminder for Today

(1) Remind yourself You’re the only you. There’s a very special reason for that, for everything you’ll do today, and for all the ideas you want to bring into the world. Take a moment and let that truth roll around in your mind.

(2) Give yourself credit. Take a couple of minutes to reflect on every thing you’ve accomplished and all the steps you’ve taken to get here. Think about all the steps forward you’ve taken since last year this time. It’s been a lot! You’ve accomplished so much and helped so many different people around you. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge all you’ve done. It’s been no small feat and you’re making it happen.

(3) Recharge. Take a nice deep breath and let all of that settle in. Think about the day in front of you and your best next steps. Remind yourself that just like you’ve done before, you’re going to keep moving forward, bringing your intuition, wisdom, love and talents into each day. As one of my friends and one of the wisest people I know reminded me the other day…Keep doing what is yours to do.

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